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This is how the Web works!

Be on the web frontiers with Smalltalk, try Aida/Web!

Aida is a Smalltalk web application framework for building complex web applications with latest seamlesly integrated HTML5 technologies for today's real-time web. MVC, REST, Mobile, WebSocket, you name it!

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If you are interested, you are encouraged to:

  • look at few screenshots of real Aida web apps,
  • see a live demo of Aida/Web,
  • download and install to run your own Aida/Web server,
  • follow a tutorial to start building your own web applications.
  • join our a community for further help, but also suggestions, advices, contributions in any way ...


  • may20 Aida 6.8 released Dependency mechanism for realtime pub/sub of domain object changes to web apps introduced. Multitab support and more for a forthcoming decade.

    see release notes

  • nov15 Aida on Squeak 5 Squeak 5 together with a shiny new website was released this summer so it was a time to prepare Aida for this release as well. On Download page you can find a link to All-in-One package to run Aida 6.6 on latest Squeak 5 for Linux, Mac and Win.

  • aug13 Aida 6.6 released Optimizations on HTTP level: HTML streaming, GZIP compression. CSS sprites, internal IP detection for access control, improved Geolocation support, JS anc CSS libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap upgraded, ..

    see release notes

  • feb13 Aida now twice speedier Due to the HTTP level optimizations like gzip compression and streaming of HTML content this Aida based website achieves below 250ms to start rendering time


  • nov12 Aida 6.5 interim with Realtime (WebSocket based) support released It can be safely claimed that Aida/Web is a first Smalltalk web framework, even more, one of the first frameworks at all to integrate HTML5 WebSockets for so called realtime web apps.

    see announcement

  • aug12 Aida 6.5 Summer Edition released More Mobile, more Cloud, more REST in a new Aida just released for Pharo, Squeak and VisualWorks

    see announcement

  • feb12 Aida vision and plans What is Aida vision, what are short and long-term plans? (realtime, client apps, cloud, hosting, documentation, REST, HTML5,..)

    read more

  • jun11 Comparison of Smalltalk web frameworks To assess Aida strengths and weaknesses we prepared and open it to public a comparison of Aida, Seaside and Iliad web frameworks

    see comparison

Blog aggregator

  • Joachim Tuchel: Web sockets are coming to Smalltalk

    So web sockets are a really great opportunity for server-side frameworks like Seaside or AIDA. So if you, like me, thought “Wow, if only I could use web sockets in my web application!”, I have good news for you: We’ve seen the first announcements for web socket implementations in Smalltalk

    read more

  • James Foster: Preparing Smalltalk for Cloud Foundry

    ...For this exercise I have selected AidaWeb 6.4 as the framework and CogVM 3.9 as the runtime, though it should be relatively obvious through the process how to use other frameworks (including Seaside) and other runtimes (including Cincom Smalltalk or VA Smalltalk from Instantiations)....

    read more

  • Rober Calco: Vision for Aida

    ...What I like about Aida compared to Seaside is its relative simplicity and portability...It feels to me like Aida doesn't try to reinvent too many wheels, meaning it's a bit more accessible to people coming from, say, Rails, like myself. It has relatively more steak than sizzle, whereas Seaside has relatively more sizzle than steak....

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