Class Reference

Work in progress!

1. Description of packages in AIDA/Web

  • Aida-Core - core classes AIDASite is the main class here
  • Aida-Elements - elements of web pages (text, table, image, input field, etc)
  • Aida-Components - more complex web elements like WebGrid, WebMenu, image support, live images (on demand image creation), also includes the class WebApplication, a superclass of all App classes
  • Aida-Imaging - Imaging support for web apps, like making GIFs, live (instant) images etc.
  • Aida-Templates - design templates for web apps. WebStyle has a default style, JoomlaStyle has (besides a default Mitra design) also support for importing Joomla templates.
  • Aida-Parties - party framework for modelling parties (persons, organizations, companies, ...) and their relations
  • Aida-Roles - role framework which is used together with Party framework to model roles of parties in relations among them.
  • Aida-Admin - apps for logon/logoff, statistics, security, settings, etc.
  • Aida-Examples - example Aida/Web applications
  • Aida-WebDAV - support for WebDAV protocol to open and save documents back to web server
  • Aida-Support - a few support classes, also good for general use
  • Aida-Extensions - all extensions and overrides of system classes and other packages
  • Aida-Tests - SUnit tests of some Aida's functionality