Running Aida/Web on Gemstone GLASS

This is a guide to install GLASS from scratch, not as VMware GLASS appliance. For Gemstone 3.0.1 Web Edition on Linux.


1. download and run installation shell script:

  • wget
  • chmod 777
  • ./
    • if you run as user, it will ask for root password!
    • it will be installed in /opt/gemstone/product
    • look carefully in the script output for potential problems!

2. set an environment by running:

  • source /opt/gemstone/product/seaside/defSeaside

3. start Gemstone:

  • startnet
  • startGemstone

4. Check if everything is running well:

  • gslist -lc
  • startSeaside_Hyper 50081 "currently don't work, why not?"
  • in web browser: http://hostname:50081/seaside/examples/counter
  • (carefully, hostname is name of your machine!)
  • ctrl/c startSeaside

Ok, first part done, now let we prepare and start GemTools:

1. download and install Gemtools

  • wget
  • unzip -d /opt/gemstone/product/seaside/

2. run GemTools "one-click" Squeak image:

  • cd /opt/gemstone/product/seaside/
  • ./

3. Login into Gemstone

  • click big button Login
  • after successful login the Gemstone/S Transcript should open

Finally a time to prepare and start Aida:

1. Load Aida packages into Gemstone

  • open Monticello (button Tools... in GemTools Launcher)
  • select --all repositories-- and in right pane right click, add repository, HTTP
  • replace location with and Accept
  • repeat for
  • scroll right pane down and select swazoo2, then click button Open. Select latest Swazoo2.1 package and click button Load
  • repeat for Aida, select latest Aida5.6 and load it

2. Run Aida

  • open Workspace (button in GS/S Transcript!)
  • do it SwazooAida stop; demoStart.
  • GemTools should block now, with GS cursor shown!
  • from web browser: http://localhost:8888
  • unblock image with Alt . (Alt and point)
  • restart again with SwazooAida stop; demoStart