PDF Conversion


  • Print quality output of Aida pages and specially Scribo documents to the intermediate PDF document
    • CSS print media support in current browser is inadequate for more complex printing like with header and footer on each page
  • use of Prince HTML+CSS to PDF converter
    • free for noncommercial use (with small Prince logo on first page)
    • 400 EUR for single user license
    • 3000 EUR for server license
    • supported by main CSS author, see this Google talk

Install Prince


  • download and extract Linux generic from www.princexml.com/download/
  • as root run ./install.sh
  • /usr/local/lib/prince is a default directory of installed Prince


  • download Win version from www.princexml.com/download/
  • run prince-setup.exe
  • c:\Program files\Prince\Engine\bin\prince.exe is a name of command line executable


  • load package Scribo-PrincePDF
  • AIDASite default repository hasPDFConversion: true