Joomla template support


Idea is to use their templates for Aida web sites. You find a joomla template and convert it to Aida's template. Slowly we could build a
gallery of our own templates (as VW parcels or squeak packages).


  • JoomlaStyle (subclass of WebStyle)
    • this is an example but working joomla template (mitra)
    • includes method images for that template
    • includes CSS for that temlate
    • includes framing methods for that template

Preparing a new template:

  1. prepare a package named for example: Joomla-Mitra
  2. extend JoomlaStyle to that package
  3. import all template images with maintenance method importImagesFromDirectory: for instance:
    • JoomlaStyle new importImagesFromDirectory: '/home/user/jommla-mitra/images'
  4. put template's CSS into method cssJoomlaTemplate
  5. adjust url links in CSS method:
    • JoomlaStyle new adjustCSSLinks
  6. reorganize framing methods if necessary - compare them with template's index-php

Installing a new template

  1. Just load a prepared parcel or package, which will extend/override default template

Using Joomla templates in your app

  • subclass your style class from JoomlaStyle instead of WebStyle
  • this will immediatelly change behavior of pageFrameWith: title: method and therefore a joomla style will replace default Aida one
  • adjust layout with overriding JoomlaStyle methods (see protocols page elements, elements, frame printing)