Scribo start guide

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1. Inroduction

Scribo is a powerful opensource CMS written on top of Aida/Web. With Scribo you can manage site content, wikis, blogs and forums. Aida/Scribo is very easy to use and extend, and includes best Aida/Web features.

See Scribo faq for more.

Scribo is still under active development, there is no stable  release yet, so some things may be broken, use it therefore at your own risk!

2. Installation

Even if Scribo will be released for Squeak/Pharo, Gemstone/S and VisualWorks, it is only available for Squeak and VisualWorks for now.

Download or install with Monticello the latest version from Aida/Web SqueakSource repository here. For VisualWorks load bundle AIDA/Scribo from public Store.

Then just DoIt:

SwazooAida demoStart.

That's it! Easy, isn't it? Your Scribo site is now running, the blog is the default page and the wiki is available at http://localhost:8888/wiki.html

3. Quick User's Guide

Adding new pages

Just put the title of your new page in [squeak brackets], save that page, click on the link of new page and you are on it, directly in edit mode. Links to a new page are Italized until page is really created, that is, clicked and saved for a first time.