Download and installation instructions

For inpatient here are One-Click distributions with Aida preinstalled for Linux, Mac or Windows, which you can download by clicking:

Download Aida/Web  

Aida 6.6 All-in-One on Squeak 5

After download unpack it and click on Linux, .app on Mac or aida.bat on Windows to start an image then in web browser open http://localhost:8888 and voila, your brand new Aida web application server is ready!

About Smalltalk

AIDA/Web is a Smalltalk application, therefore you need a Smalltalk first. To start with Smalltalk please visit the World of Smalltalk first. Then you need to choose a Smalltalk dialect. Currently Aida/Web supports six dialects:

If you are new to Smalltalk read an on-line book Pharo by Example for a start.

Stable release

1. Download:

2. Install:

  • Pharo: load with the following script:
  Gofer new
squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
package: 'ConfigurationOfAida';

(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfAida) load.
  • Squeak: load with the following script:
           i := Installer monticello http: ''. 
i     project: 'mc/Sport/Sport/main';
      install: 'Sport-2.031'.
i     project: 'mc/Swazoo/Swazoo/main';
    install: 'Swazoo-2.3final.2'.
i    project: 'mc/Aida/Aida/main';
    install: 'Aida6.6-final.3'.
  • Gemstone GLASS
    1. follow the guide mentioned above
  • VisualWorks
    1. load parcel or bundle AIDAWeb
  • Dolphin Smalltalk:
    1. unpack .zip
    2. install package AIDA Dolphin.pac (will load other packages as prerequisites)

3. Run:

  1. In web browser open http://localhost:8888
  2. login with username: admin, password: password